[OpenStack] Commands_ALL


acl delete Delete ACLs for a secret or container as identified by its href. acl get Retrieve ACLs for a secret or container by providing its href. acl submit Submit ACL on a secret or container as identified by its href. acl user add Add ACL users to a secret or container as identified by its href. acl user remove Remove ACL users from a secret or container as identified by its href. action definition create Create new action. action definition definition show Show action definition. action definition delete Delete action. action definition list List all actions. action definition show Show specific action. action definition update Update action. action execution delete Delete action execution. action execution input show Show Action execution input data. action execution list List all Action executions. action execution output show Show Action execution output data. action execution run Create new Action execution or just run specific action. action execution show Show specific Action execution. action execution update Update specific Action execution. address scope create Create a new Address Scope address scope delete Delete address scope(s) address scope list List address scopes address scope set Set address scope properties address scope show Display address scope details aggregate add host Add host to agg regate aggregate create Create a new aggregate aggregate delete Delete existing aggregate(s) aggregate list List all aggregates aggregate remove host Remove host from aggregate aggregate set Set aggregate properties aggregate show Display aggregate details aggregate unset Unset aggregate properties alarm create Create an alarm alarm delete Delete an alarm alarm list List alarms alarm show Show an alarm alarm state get Delete an alarm alarm state set Delete an alarm alarm update Update an alarm alarm-history search Show history for all alarms based on query alarm-history show Show history for an alarm alarming capabilities list List capabilities availability zone list List availability zones and their status baremetal chassis create Create a new chassis. baremetal chassis delete Delete a chassis. baremetal chassis list List the chassis. baremetal chassis set Set chassis properties. baremetal chassis show Show chassis details. baremetal chassis unset Unset chassis properties. baremetal create Create resources from files (by only specifying the files) or register a new node by specifying one or more optional arguments (DEPRECATED, use ‘openstack baremetal node create’ instead) baremetal delete Unregister a baremetal node. DEPRECATED baremetal driver list List the enabled drivers. baremetal driver passthru call Call a vendor passthru method for a driver. baremetal driver passthru list List available vendor passthru methods for a driver. baremetal driver show Show information about a driver. baremetal introspection abort Abort running introspection for node. baremetal introspection data save Save or display raw introspection data. baremetal introspection reprocess Reprocess stored introspection data baremetal introspection rule delete Delete an introspection rule. baremetal introspection rule import Import one or several introspection rules from a json file. baremetal introspection rule list List all introspection rules. baremetal introspection rule purge Drop all introspection rules. baremetal introspection rule show Show an introspection rule. baremetal introspection start Start the introspection. baremetal introspection status Get introspection status. baremetal list List baremetal nodes. DEPRECATED baremetal node abort Set provision state of baremetal node to ‘abort’ baremetal node adopt Set provision state of baremetal node to ‘adopt’ baremetal node boot device set Set the boot device for a node baremetal node boot device show Show the boot device information for a node baremetal node clean Set provision state of baremetal node to ‘clean’ baremetal node console disable Disable console access for a node baremetal node console enable Enable console access for a node baremetal node console show Show console information for a node baremetal node create Register a new node with the baremetal service baremetal node delete Unregister baremetal node(s) baremetal node deploy Set provision state of baremetal node to ‘deploy’ baremetal node inspect Set provision state of baremetal node to ‘inspect’ baremetal node list List baremetal nodes baremetal node maintenance set Set baremetal node to maintenance mode baremetal node maintenance unset Unset baremetal node from maintenance mode baremetal node manage Set provision state of baremetal node to ‘manage’ baremetal node passthru call Call a vendor passthu method for a node baremetal node passthru list List vendor passthru methods for a node baremetal node power Set power state of baremetal node baremetal node provide Set provision state of baremetal node to ‘provide’ baremetal node reboot Reboot baremetal node baremetal node rebuild Set provision state of baremetal node to ‘rebuild’ baremetal node set Set baremetal properties baremetal node show Show baremetal node details baremetal node undeploy Set provision state of baremetal node to ‘deleted’ baremetal node unset Unset baremetal properties baremetal node validate Validate a node’s driver interfaces baremetal port create Create a new port baremetal port delete Delete port(s). baremetal port list List baremetal ports. baremetal port set Set baremetal port properties. baremetal port show Show baremetal port details. baremetal port unset Unset baremetal port properties. baremetal set Set baremetal properties. DEPRECATED baremetal show Show baremetal node details. DEPRECATED baremetal unset Unset baremetal properties. DEPRECATED ca get Retrieve a CA by providing its URI. ca list List cas. catalog list List services in the service catalog catalog show Display service catalog details category create Create a category. category delete Delete a category. category list List all available categories. category show Display category details. claim create Create claim and return a list of claimed messages claim query Display claim details claim release Delete a claim claim renew Renew a claim class-schema Show class schema. command list List recognized commands by group complete print bash completion command compute agent create Create compute agent compute agent delete Delete compute agent(s) compute agent list List compute agents compute agent set Set compute agent properties compute service delete Delete compute service(s) compute service list List compute services compute service set Set compute service properties configuration show Display configuration details console log show Show server’s console output console url show Show server’s remote console URL container create Create new container container delete Delete container container list List containers container save Save container contents locally container set Set container properties container show Display container details container unset Unset container properties cron trigger create Create new trigger. cron trigger delete Delete trigger. cron trigger list List all cron triggers. cron trigger show Show specific cron trigger. dataprocessing cluster create Creates cluster dataprocessing cluster delete Deletes cluster dataprocessing cluster list Lists clusters dataprocessing cluster scale Scales cluster dataprocessing cluster show Display cluster details dataprocessing cluster template create Creates cluster template dataprocessing cluster template delete Deletes cluster template dataprocessing cluster template list Lists cluster templates dataprocessing cluster template show Display cluster template details dataprocessing cluster template update Updates cluster template dataprocessing cluster update Updates cluster dataprocessing cluster verification Updates cluster verifications dataprocessing data source create Creates data source dataprocessing data source delete Delete data source dataprocessing data source list Lists data sources dataprocessing data source show Display data source details dataprocessing data source update Update data source dataprocessing image list Lists registered images dataprocessing image register Register an image dataprocessing image show Display image details dataprocessing image tags add Add image tags dataprocessing image tags remove Remove image tags dataprocessing image tags set Set image tags (Replace current image tags with provided ones) dataprocessing image unregister Unregister image(s) dataprocessing job binary create Creates job binary dataprocessing job binary delete Deletes job binary dataprocessing job binary download Downloads job binary dataprocessing job binary list Lists job binaries dataprocessing job binary show Display job binary details dataprocessing job binary update Updates job binary dataprocessing job delete Deletes job dataprocessing job execute Executes job dataprocessing job list Lists jobs dataprocessing job show Display job details dataprocessing job template create Creates job template dataprocessing job template delete Deletes job template dataprocessing job template list Lists job templates dataprocessing job template show Display job template details dataprocessing job template update Updates job template dataprocessing job type configs get Get job type configs dataprocessing job type list Lists job types supported by plugins dataprocessing job update Updates job dataprocessing node group template create Creates node group template dataprocessing node group template delete Deletes node group template dataprocessing node group template list Lists node group templates dataprocessing node group template show Display node group template details dataprocessing node group template update Updates node group template dataprocessing plugin configs get Get plugin configs dataprocessing plugin list Lists plugins dataprocessing plugin show Display plugin details dataprocessing plugin update deployment list List deployments for an environment. dns quota list List quotas dns quota reset Delete blacklist dns quota set Set blacklist properties dns service list List service statuses dns service show Show service status details ec2 credentials create Create EC2 credentials ec2 credentials delete Delete EC2 credentials ec2 credentials list List EC2 credentials ec2 credentials show Display EC2 credentials details endpoint create Create new endpoint endpoint delete Delete endpoint(s) endpoint list List endpoints endpoint show Display endpoint details environment apps edit Edit environment’s object model. environment create Create an environment. environment delete Delete an environment. environment deploy Start deployment of a murano environment session. environment list Lists environments environment rename Rename an environment. environment session create Creates a new configuration session for environment ID. environment show Display environment details extension list List API extensions flavor create Create new flavor flavor delete Delete flavor(s) flavor list List flavors flavor set Set flavor properties flavor show Display flavor details flavor unset Unset flavor properties floating ip create Create floating IP floating ip delete Delete floating IP(s) floating ip list List floating IP(s) floating ip pool list List pools of floating IP addresses floating ip show Display floating IP details help print detailed help for another command host list List hosts host set Set host properties host show Display host details hypervisor list List hypervisors hypervisor show Display hypervisor details hypervisor stats show Display hypervisor stats details image add project Associate project with image image create Create/upload an image image delete Delete image(s) image list List available images image remove project Disassociate project with image image save Save an image locally image set Set image properties image show Display image details image unset Unset image tags and properties ip availability list List IP availability for network ip availability show Show network IP availability details keypair create Create new public key keypair delete Delete public key(s) keypair list List public key fingerprints keypair show Display public key details limits show Show compute and block storage limits messaging flavor create Create a pool flavor messaging flavor delete Delete a flavor messaging flavor list List available flavors messaging flavor show Display flavor details messaging flavor update Update a flavor’s attributes messaging health Display detailed health status of Zaqar server messaging ping Check if Zaqar server is alive or not metric archive-policy create Create an archive policy metric archive-policy delete Delete an archive policy metric archive-policy list List archive policies metric archive-policy show Show an archive policy metric archive-policy-rule create Create an archive policy rule metric archive-policy-rule delete Delete an archive policy rule metric archive-policy-rule list List archive policy rules metric archive-policy-rule show Show an archive policy rule metric benchmark measures add Do benchmark testing of adding measurements metric benchmark measures show Do benchmark testing of measurements show metric benchmark metric create Do benchmark testing of metric creation metric benchmark metric show Do benchmark testing of metric show metric capabilities list List capabilities metric measures add Add measurements to a metric metric measures aggregation Get measurements of aggregated metrics metric measures batch-metrics metric measures batch-resources-metrics metric measures show Get measurements of a metric metric metric create Create a metric metric metric delete Delete a metric metric metric list List metrics metric metric show Show a metric metric resource batch delete Delete a batch of resources based on attribute values metric resource create Create a resource metric resource delete Delete a resource metric resource history Show the history of a resource metric resource list List resources metric resource search Search resources with specified query rules metric resource show Show a resource metric resource update Update a resource metric resource-type create Create a resource type metric resource-type delete Delete a resource type metric resource-type list List resource types metric resource-type show Show a resource type metric resource-type update metric status Show the status of measurements processing module list List module versions network agent delete Delete network agent(s) network agent list List network agents network agent set Set network agent properties network agent show Display network agent details network create Create new network network delete Delete network(s) network list List networks network rbac create Create network RBAC policy network rbac delete Delete network RBAC policy(s) network rbac list List network RBAC policies network rbac set Set network RBAC policy properties network rbac show Display network RBAC policy details network segment list List network segments network segment show Display network segment details network set Set network properties network show Show network details network subport list List all subports for a given network trunk network trunk create Create a network trunk for a given project network trunk delete Delete a given network trunk network trunk list List all network trunks network trunk set Set network trunk properties network trunk show Show information of a given network trunk network trunk unset Unset subports from a given network trunk object create Upload object to container object delete Delete object from container object list List objects object save Save object locally object set Set object properties object show Display object details object store account set Set account properties object store account show Display account details object store account unset Unset account properties object unset Unset object properties orchestration build info Retrieve build information. orchestration resource type list List resource types. orchestration resource type show Show details and optionally generate a template for a resource type. orchestration service list List the Heat engines. orchestration template function list List the available functions. orchestration template validate Validate a template orchestration template version list List the available template versions. package create Create an application package. pool create Create a pool pool delete Delete a pool pool list List available Pools pool show Display pool details pool update Update a pool attribute port create Create a new port port delete Delete port(s) port list List ports port set Set port properties port show Display port details port unset Unset port properties project create Create new project project delete Delete project(s) project list List projects project set Set project properties project show Display project details project unset Unset project properties ptr record list List floatingip ptr records ptr record set Set floatingip ptr record ptr record show Show floatingip ptr record details ptr record unset Unset floatingip ptr record queue create Create a queue queue delete Delete a queue queue get metadata Get queue metadata queue list List available queues queue set metadata Set queue metadata queue signed url Create a queue queue stats Get queue stats quota set Set quotas for project or class quota show Show quotas for project or class recordset create Create new recordset recordset delete Delete recordset recordset list List recordsets recordset set Set recordset properties recordset show Show recordset details resource member create Shares a resource to another tenant. resource member delete Delete a resource sharing relationship. resource member list List all members. resource member show Show specific member information. resource member update Update resource sharing status. role add Add role to project:user role assignment list List role assignments role create Create new role role delete Delete role(s) role list List roles role remove Remove role from project : user role show Display role details router add port Add a port to a router router add subnet Add a subnet to a router router create Create a new router router delete Delete router(s) router list List routers router remove port Remove a port from a router router remove subnet Remove a subnet from a router router set Set router properties router show Display router details router unset Unset router properties secret container create Store a container in Barbican. secret container delete Delete a container by providing its href. secret container get Retrieve a container by providing its URI. secret container list List containers. secret delete Delete a secret by providing its URI. secret get Retrieve a secret by providing its URI. secret list List secrets. secret order create Create a new order. secret order delete Delete an order by providing its href. secret order get Retrieve an order by providing its URI. secret order list List orders. secret store Store a secret in Barbican. secret update Update a secret with no payload in Barbican. security group create Create a new security group security group delete Delete security group(s) security group list List security groups security group rule create Create a new security group rule security group rule delete Delete security group rule(s) security group rule list List security group rules security group rule show Display security group rule details security group set Set security group properties security group show Display security group details server add fixed ip Add fixed IP address to server server add floating ip Add floating IP address to server server add security group Add security group to server server add volume Add volume to server server backup create Create a server backup image server create Create a new server server delete Delete server(s) server dump create Create a dump file in server(s) server group create Create a new server group. server group delete Delete existing server group(s). server group list List all server groups. server group show Display server group details. server image create Create a new server disk image from an existing server server list List servers server lock Lock server(s). A non-admin user will not be able to execute actions server migrate Migrate server to different host server pause Pause server(s) server reboot Perform a hard or soft server reboot server rebuild Rebuild server server remove fixed ip Remove fixed IP address from server server remove floating ip Remove floating IP address from server server remove security group Remove security group from server server remove volume Remove volume from server server rescue Put server in rescue mode server resize Scale server to a new flavor server restore Restore server(s) server resume Resume server(s) server set Set server properties server shelve Shelve server(s) server show Show server details server ssh SSH to server server start Start server(s). server stop Stop server(s). server suspend Suspend server(s) server unlock Unlock server(s) server unpause Unpause server(s) server unrescue Restore server from rescue mode server unset Unset server properties server unshelve Unshelve server(s) service create Create new service service delete Delete service(s) service list List services service show Display service details snapshot create Create new snapshot snapshot delete Delete volume snapshot(s) snapshot list List snapshots snapshot set Set snapshot properties snapshot show Display snapshot details snapshot unset Unset snapshot properties software config create Create software config software config delete Delete software configs software config list List software configs software config show Show software config details software deployment create Create a software deployment. software deployment delete Delete software deployment(s) and correlative config(s). software deployment list List software deployments. software deployment metadata show Get deployment configuration metadata for the specified server. software deployment output show Show a specific deployment output. software deployment show Show SoftwareDeployment Details. stack abandon Abandon stack and output results. stack adopt Adopt a stack. stack cancel Cancel current task for a stack. stack check Check a stack. stack create Create a stack. stack delete Delete stack(s). stack environment show Show a stack’s environment. stack event list List events. stack event show Show event details. stack failures list Show information about failed stack resources. stack file list Show a stack’s files map. stack hook clear Clear resource hooks on a given stack. stack hook poll List resources with pending hook for a stack. stack list List stacks. stack output list List stack outputs. stack output show Show stack output. stack resource list List stack resources. stack resource mark unhealthy Set resource’s health. stack resource metadata Show resource metadata stack resource show Display stack resource. stack resource signal Signal a resource with optional data. stack resume Resume a stack. stack show Show stack details. stack snapshot create Create stack snapshot. stack snapshot delete Delete stack snapshot. stack snapshot list List stack snapshots. stack snapshot restore Restore stack snapshot stack snapshot show Show stack snapshot. stack suspend Suspend a stack. stack template show Display stack template. stack update Update a stack. static-action call Call static method of the MuranoPL class. subnet create Create a subnet subnet delete Delete subnet(s) subnet list List subnets subnet pool create Create subnet pool subnet pool delete Delete subnet pool(s) subnet pool list List subnet pools subnet pool set Set subnet pool properties subnet pool show Display subnet pool details subnet pool unset Unset subnet pool properties subnet set Set subnet properties subnet show Display subnet details subnet unset Unset subnet properties subscription create Create a subscription for queue subscription delete Delete a subscription subscription list List available subscriptions subscription show Display subscription details subscription update Update a subscription task execution list List all tasks. task execution published show Show task published variables. task execution rerun Rerun an existing task. task execution result show Show task output data. task execution show Show specific task. tld create Create new tld tld delete Delete tld tld list List tlds tld set Set tld properties tld show Show tld details token issue Issue new token token revoke Revoke existing token usage list List resource usage per project usage show Show resource usage for a single project user create Create new user user delete Delete user(s) user list List users user role list List user-role assignments user set Set user properties user show Display user details volume backup create Create new volume backup volume backup delete Delete volume backup(s) volume backup list List volume backups volume backup restore Restore volume backup volume backup show Display volume backup details volume create Create new volume volume delete Delete volume(s) volume list List volumes volume qos associate Associate a QoS specification to a volume type volume qos create Create new QoS specification volume qos delete Delete QoS specification volume qos disassociate Disassociate a QoS specification from a volume type volume qos list List QoS specifications volume qos set Set QoS specification properties volume qos show Display QoS specification details volume qos unset Unset QoS specification properties volume service list List service command volume set Set volume properties volume show Display volume details volume transfer request list Lists all volume transfer requests. volume type create Create new volume type volume type delete Delete volume type(s) volume type list List volume types volume type set Set volume type properties volume type show Display volume type details volume type unset Unset volume type properties volume unset Unset volume properties workbook create Create new workbook. workbook definition show Show workbook definition. workbook delete Delete workbook. workbook list List all workbooks. workbook show Show specific workbook. workbook update Update workbook. workbook validate Validate workbook. workflow create Create new workflow. workflow definition show Show workflow definition. workflow delete Delete workflow. workflow engine service list List all services. workflow env create Create new environment. workflow env delete Delete environment. workflow env list List all environments. workflow env show Show specific environment. workflow env update Update environment. workflow execution create Create new execution. workflow execution delete Delete execution. workflow execution input show Show execution input data. workflow execution list List all executions. workflow execution output show Show execution output data. workflow execution show Show specific execution. workflow execution update Update execution. workflow list List all workflows. workflow show Show specific workflow. workflow update Update workflow. workflow validate Validate workflow. zone abandon Abandon a zone zone axfr AXFR a zone zone blacklist create Create new blacklist zone blacklist delete Delete blacklist zone blacklist list List blacklists zone blacklist set Set blacklist properties zone blacklist show Show blacklist details zone create Create new zone zone delete Delete zone zone export create Export a Zone zone export delete Delete a Zone Export zone export list List Zone Exports zone export show Show a Zone Export zone export showfile Show the zone file for the Zone Export zone import create Import a Zone from a file on the filesystem zone import delete Delete a Zone Import zone import list List Zone Imports zone import show Show a Zone Import zone list List zones zone set Set zone properties zone show Show zone details zone transfer accept list List Zone Transfer Accepts zone transfer accept request Accept a Zone Transfer Request zone transfer accept show Show Zone Transfer Accept zone transfer request create Create new zone transfer request zone transfer request delete Delete a Zone Transfer Request zone transfer request list List Zone Transfer Requests zone transfer request set Set a Zone Transfer Request zone transfer request show Show Zone Transfer Request Details