[Go] Package redis

Package redis

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type Options struct {
  Network   string
  Addr      string
  Dialer    func(ctx context.Context, network, addr string) (net.Conn, error)
  OnConnect func(*Conn) error
  Password  string
  DB        int

  MaxRetries         int
  MinRetryBackoff    time.Duration
  MaxRetryBackoff    time.Duration
  DialTimeout        time.Duration
  ReadTimeout        time.Duration
  WriteTimeout       time.Duration
  MinIdleConns       int
  MaxConnAge         time.Duration
  PoolTimeout        time.Duration
  IdleTimeout        time.Duration
  IdleCheckFrequency time.Duration

  readOnly           bool
  TLSConfig          *tls.Config
  Limiter            Limiter

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